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Managed Hosting and Migration

Utilizing a managed hosting service, the provider takes on all hardware and application management responsibilities for the customer. Managed hosting is an IT provisioning model in which a service provider leases dedicated servers and associated hardware to a single customer and manages those systems on the customer’s behalf. Migrating hosts means moving your data from a server of one host to another host. If you are moving on to a new server, you aren’t doing so without a host. There could be one or two hosts involved. When migrating to a new server from the same host, the migrating host will be the same as the original host.

Backup Management

Backup management is the process of monitoring, maintaining, testing and deleting obsolete backups on a regular basis to ensure your stored data is reliable, accessible and compliant with industry standards. Backup management is a continuous process and there are several things that need to be taken into consideration.

Network Management

Network management is the sum total of applications, tools and processes used to provision, operate, maintain, administer and secure network infrastructure. The overarching role of network management is ensuring network resources are made available to users efficiently, effectively and quickly.

Storage Management

Data storage management refers to the process of managing data more effectively. It requires a proper understanding of storage devices and the availability of various types of data. Digital information may include protocols, documents, user preferences, address books, and more

24/7/365 Monitoring

Server monitoring is the process of gaining visibility into the activity on your servers — whether physical or virtual. Servers are devices (or increasingly, applications) that store and process information that is provided to other devices, applications or users on-demand.

User Management

User management describes the ability for administrators to manage devices, systems, applications, storage systems, networks, SaaS services, and user access to other various IT resources.. User management is a core part to any identity and access management (IAM) solution, in particular directory services tools.